So – Let’s Pay Attention Today

Yesterday I had an interesting exchange of e-mails (all of which came in just a few minutes). They made me smile! And I thought you might like to listen in. . .
Ken is a PR person at a church where I will be having a dialogue with the pastor in the New Year.

Ken to Leighton:
I’d love for you to email me 200 words or so on how Christians can live out their faith every day. That’s the theme of our monthly series of which you will be a part, and I know our folks would love some direction from you on some of the ways they can build faith into their daily lives. If you have written on this before and want to send me the piece, great! If you want to craft something new and e-mail it to me, that’d be great, too. Thanks a million. I’d love it in the next 10 days if possible, I know it’s a busy time, but I hope this can work! Thanks, Ken.

Leighton to Ken:
I just read your e-mail and then opened up my next e-mail – from Geri in New York City! (She and her husband Pete are long-time friends and have served a challenging multi-ethnic church in Queens and raised their family there).

Geri to Leighton:
“I’m here in Queens amidst the long lines and gridlock traffic of the Christmas (and somewhat Christless) season. I am re-reading your book The Attentive Life (which I like to do at least once/yr.). For me, it is the gift that keeps on giving. I feel motivated to “not be conformed to this world” but try to follow a different drummer, our invisible/visible God ,,, to know Him in all the ways He reveals Himself if I’m not too busy or distracted or pre-occupied or anxious or indifferent to the Real behind the real.;”

Leighton to Ken:
Or, to add to what Geri wrote, here are three short lines from Mary Oliver:

Pay attention
Be astonished
Tell about it!

If we do stop to pay attention, we may be astonished at what God is doing, and we will have something to tell about!

Ken to Leighton:

Leighton to Geri:
Did you mean you are reading my book in the traffic??

Geri to Leighton:
NO! not at the same time. Your book is keeping me sane in between the times I’m sitting in traffic.

Leighton to Geri:
“Whew! I was worried. Now I am relieved! And grateful!”

So – let’s pay attention today!


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