Do you ever wake (or go to sleep) and find certain obsessive, anxious thoughts about whatever coming back again and again?

I do. And sometimes wish my brain would shut off.

I read some good advice in Streams of Contentment by Robert Wicks.

Writing about how spontaneously negative emotions (anger, boredom, resentment, shame…) rise effortlessly to the surface he suggests:

“Watch for negative reactions you might have during the day, but greet them differently. Instead of anger, defensiveness, or excuses for having them, welcome them with a smile and ask them what they have to teach you about yourself. Keep greeting them this way, whether they lessen immediately or not, because faithfulness to the process, not immediate success, will bring greater contentment to your life.”

I suppose this is a little bit like what Paul advised about our thoughts. “Think on these things” –  God’s good gifts that come often in unusual ways.

I have used Wicks’ advice. It helps!

Think about it.


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