Instructions for Living a Life

Last week I spoke at New Hanover Presbyterian Church in Virginia. It was a good service and good folk!

They asked me to speak on the topic of my book The Attentive Life – so I did .. .how Moses paid attention at the burning bush.

I quoted Mary Oliver’s short poem

Instructions for Living a Life

Pay attention
be astonished
tell about it.

Well, I did pay attention, and was astonished.

I met the Denehy family. This couple has eleven children, three biological, eight adopted from many parts of the world. And with a special care of children challenged in some way.

Two of their sons were born without arms. I met both – one from Romania, one from India

Now the astonishing part. George from Romania can do almost anything with his feet. And they showed me a video of him playing the cello in his school band – holding the bow in one hand, touching strings with his toes on the other! His Indian brother shoots free throws with fifty per cent accuracy with his feet while sitting in an easy chair!

If you want to check this out go to the Internet

Select You Tube Music Miracle.

Look for the one about George, and you will see what he has learned to do, and also the moving testimony of the Denehys and George to their faith.

As I said, I paid attention, was astonished, and have to tell about it!

Leighton Ford

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