Last week I was at our Sigdor Group retreat in the NC mountains just before my 73rd birthday. The Sigdors gave me two lovely small red clay candleholders – which remind me of Paul Ricoeur’s description of the gift of a “second naivete” – the “freshness of a childlike openness, and the wisdom that comes from experience.”

I will keep the candlesticks near to remind me of that gift – and to pray that I may continue to be ready and eager in body, mind and spirit, to be “still and still moving!”

The Spiritual Reading for my birthday in The Joy of the Christian was from Augustine

Let the Lord God be your hope – seek for nothing else from him, but let himself be
your hope … Let him be your hope who is guiding you to your destination … He
who made heaven and earth is more beautiful than all … Don’t let what was made
take such a hold of you that you lose him by whom you yourself were made.

Wise words for birthday and any days! I pass them on to you!

Your friend on the journey,


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