Have you marched with penguins? If not then get the closest you can: see this movie! You may never have seen anything quite like it (the closest I can think of is Winged Migration.)

A French crew lived in the frozen wildlands of Antarctica for a year to make this spectacular film, which depicts one year in the life and birth cycle of these remarkable birds.

The colors alone are worth seeing: shades of blue that made me draw my breath in! And the care and emotion these lovely creatures show for each other – love, sacrifice, courage, endurance, even grief over a baby chick that has died – will touch your heart deeply! Mother birds march as far as seventy miles to get food for the young. The fathers hold the egg safely off frozen ground for more than two months without any food! The antics of the young will make you laugh!

As I watched the amazing long line of thousands of penguins drawn by instinct to their breeding grounds and then selecting their mate I could hardly speak.

You may feel as I did. It took Someone very clever, very creative, and much to be praised to create creatures so wonderful!

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