Mentoring a Year end Journal

Year-End Journal of God’s Work in & through my Life:
The “Super”-natural, the Struggles, and the Strengths

1. List the greatest blessings from God this past year: in your family, your work, your personal life.
2. What was your greatest trial; what have you learned from it?
3. List in order the best of your answers to prayer.
4. List happenings or circumstances you do not understand.
5. List a specific lesson the Lord taught you this year.

1. What is the Lord seeking to teach you now?
2. What are you now praying for: a. your mate, b. your marriage, c. your children, d. your job, e. your church, f. the lost?

1. What is a priority this new year regarding your: a. personal life and walk, b. your family, c. your work and ministry?
2. What prayer goals will you begin? What is God saying to you these days about the New Year?
3. Can you set any goals regarding: a. your witnessing, b. your giving, c. your mentoring, and d. your deepening time with your family?

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