One of our recent lectionary selections was Isaiah 49, where the Servant of the Lord is described as a “polished arrow” in God’s quiver. (49:2)

arrow polished

When we launched Leighton Ford Ministries many years ago I was struck by this chapter, and especially verse 6 where the Lord says to his chosen Servant,

 “It is too small (or too light) a thing that you should be my servant to bring Jacob back … to restore the survivors of Israel … I will give you as a light to the nations …”

What is “too small a thing?” I wondered.  And I think nothing is too small if we do it for the glory of God and the global cause of Jesus the Servant Lord.  But the biggest thing (church, school, practice) is too small if it is not done for the glory of God and the global cause of Jesus.

I prayed that then for our new ministry. I pray that for my life – and yours – today.

Nothing is too small – done for you, Lord!


Leighton Ford

Photo credit: TradGang

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