How Should We Preach? (Leighton Ford)

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I asked my friend Zach Eswine – who teaches preaching – how he thinks about the act of preaching. Here’s what he told me…

If someone asks, “How should we preach?” I answer by turning to our Lord’s words, “You have heard it said, but I say to you.”

These words from our Savior reveal four foundations for preaching:


(1) You have heard IT said . . .

Preaching has an “it.” There is something specific that we are supposed to address.



When preaching we want to account for how our neighbors and friends talk about the “it.” What have they heard said about the “it?”  “What meaning do they give to the words we are using?”


(3) You have heard it said, BUT

There is a problem. We have to expose the contrast between how people hear this “it” talked about and how God talks about it.


(4) You have heard it said but I SAY to you

Now we preach Jesus! We preach what he says about our predicament and the grace he provides for us.


Read more of what Zach has to say here.


Leighton Ford

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