Thank You, God, For That Baby Boy (On Billy Graham’s 98th Birthday)

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On this day in 1918 a baby boy was born in a two-story frame farm house on Park Road in North Carolina.

I am sure his mother, Morrow, held him with joy.

And that his father. Frank, must have come in from his daily chores to hold him with pride.

I am sure, knowing of their faith, they received him as a gift from God.

I am equally sure that neither had the slightest idea that their little boy would
become world-renowned as a servant of the Lord, and that millions would thank God that he led them to Jesus.

So today, on his 98th birthday, I am thankful to God for my brother-in-law Billy.

And I hope, as he sits quietly in his chair in his mountain home that he treasures deep within a sense that he has done all that God has called him to do and be.


Leighton Ford

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