Buried Things – A Poem (Leighton Ford)

Yesterday morning Buddy and I
sat for a long time outside
in the cool.

After a while he became restless
and went searching for something
in the back yard. I watched him
nuzzle in the twigs at the base of
a large tree, then disappear into
some bushes where he pawed around
until he found what he was looking for,
a chewy thing he had hidden days
before. He carried it to another bush
for safe deposit, then came back and
sat once more, at peace,
on the edge of the porch.

I wondered, watching,
after all the passing years.
where may I have buried my loves,
my life, my longings to keep them
safe, secure?

Have I forgotten where?

“Your life is hidden with Christ in God”

Leighton Ford

Photo not Buddy!

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  • Paul Ericksen says:

    It’s nice to see Buddy all embedded in his life, Leighton. And nice to poke about in your new website. Blessings.

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