A Black Bird Dropped By (Leighton Ford)

A blackbird dropped by to see me

this mountain Sunday morning

as I sat with coffee on our patio.

He landed on a flower box,

sat there for a while listening

to my words of welcome,

then hopped nimbly over

to the other pot,

stayed there a bit,

(just so as not to seem in a rush)

then flew away.

It was a nice neighborly sort of visit,

and I asked that my prayers

for my friends around the world

would drop in on them today,

leaving each with a sense that

somehow, they too had been visited.


Leighton Ford
Sunday, July 16, 2017

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  • Jerry Spinks says:

    Just a few days after this poem, profound in its simplicity, was penned, our 163 year old church, where such spiritual luminaries as Billy Sunday, D. L. Moody, John Guest and Billy Graham have spoken and R. G. Lee once pastored in our better days, voted in business meeting to merge with a young church-start in order for our ministry to continue, due to an aging and dwindling congregation. The motion to merge passed by one vote. There were many hurt feelings, much anger and not enough dependence upon God, then I reread this simple poem and sent it out in an email to our membership along with a reminder that our enemy is not flesh and blood, but the forces of evil. It has been well received as a healing balm.

    Thank you, Lord, for giving Dr. Ford this quiet poem and his willingness to share it and through it to shine a ray of sunshine into a very cloudy day! I’ll never look at a blackbird the same again!

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