Hope In Insecure Times (Leighton Ford)

When the morality of the Judeo-Christian tradition was firmly in place, society could be somewhat assured that scientists would use their knowledge in ethical ways, for the betterment of the human race. Today we have no such assurances…many postmodern people see the possibilities that await them on the horizons of science – and they are justifiably scared.

As the foundations of the modern mindset continue to crumble, the world increasingly becomes a frightening and insecure place…people are searching for new directions and answers. As a result of the confusion and disquiet generated by the swift change that has come upon the world, we now see…our opportunity as Christians in a postmodern world: people need what the Gospel offers – meaning, hope, and absolute truth.

Despite the strong challenges that face us, the Christian Story has never had a greater opportunity for advance than it does right now.


Leighton Ford

Adapted from The Power of Story (2015, LFM)

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