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November 2017

November 27, 1981 (A Poem – Leighton Ford)

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This is the day our son died.


It’s not hard to remember.

Outside, early.

a red bird rests on the feeder.

The sky is cloudy.

A few brown leaves fall singly.


Wrangler my blue dog

chews on his mat until

he understands, wise friend,

and comes to sit by me, quietly

asking for nothing.


I allow myself to recognize again

the returning scent of pain

like a smoky candle

which has not quite gone out.


Leighton Ford

November 27, 2011

Sandy: A Heart For God

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November 27th marks the 36th anniversary of Sandy Ford’s passing. Through his amazing, short life on earth, he influenced an incredible number of people. Through Leighton’s loving retelling of his son’s life, Sandy has influenced countless more.

Have you ever read Sandy: A Heart For God? If not, this is a great opportunity to not only read a book but also to meet a young man you will never forget, a young man who ran his race for God with uncommon determination and impact. It is a book you will cherish and will want to pass on to the young men and women in your life.

It is available through both Amazon and InterVarsity Press.

Click here to purchase the Kindle edition for $5.99.


Good News Is For Sharing! – Zack Eswine

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One of the most popular features of the recent reissue of Leighton’s classic Good News Is For Sharing is the personal stories told about some friends of Leighton and Leighton Ford Ministries. Over the next week, we’ll be sharing those stories here as well as some details about the folks listed only by first name in the book!

First up is Zack Eswine.

Zack’s Story

“I am at Panera with a friend with a who worships Zeus and harkens back to the pagan gods of Olympus.

This conversation is in light of a handful of conversations over the past few months. I give thanks that my friend now believes that 1) Jesus actually existed, 2) the Bible is a historically reliable document, and 3) Jesus’ teachings are compelling.

My friend has not put his faith in Jesus as his lord and savior yet. However, I use the metaphor of being on the road with Jesus, traveling with him where he walks, and watching and listening to him.

My friend says that he would like to take that much of a step. He’d like to actively pursue Jesus as he is in the gospels and in history.

I thought this was a huge step. I trust and pray that this will lead to the next step – actual faith in the Lord as his savior.”


About Zack

Zack Eswine serves as Lead Pastor for Riverside Church and as Director for Homiletics at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Zack’s most recent books include Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Struggle with Depression and The Imperfect Pastor which received Christianity Today’s Book of the Year Award in Leadership/Pastoral Ministry.

Zack and his wife Jessica cultivate life and family in Webster Groves, Missouri.


When Prayer Is Hard (George Macdonald)

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My prayer-bird was cold – would not away,
Although, I sat it one the edge of the nest,
Then I bethought me of the story old –
Love-fact or loving-fable, thou knows’t best
How, when the children had made sparrows of clay,
Thou mads’t them birds, with wings to flutter and fold
Take, Lord, my prayer in thy hand, and make it pray.
George Macdonald

Prayer Is Sharing In God’s Power (Henri Nouwen)

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“Christ is the one who in the most revealing way made clear that prayer means sharing in the power of God. Through this power he turned his world around. He freed countless men and women from the chains of their existence, but also stirred up the aggression which brought him to his death.

Christ, who is fully human and fully divine, has shown us what it means to pray.

In Him, God became visible for the fall and rise of many”

-Henri Nouwen