My Journal Jottings

My Journal Jottings

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Two years ago I came across buried under a pile of books in my office, George MacDonald’s Diary of an Old Soul. a collection of his daily prayer/poems. George MacDonald was a Scottish poet, author, and minister. He was well known as a pioneer in fantasy literature for children, like The Princess and the Goblin, andPhantastes.

C.S. Lewis, so I have heard, thought he was perhaps the most inspired writer since the Apostle Paul!

Less known perhaps was this collection of his daily prayer poems. The language is quaint, but I have found his prayers to be so totally honest, without cant or pretence. He opens his heart to God almost without reserve, never hiding his moods in the seasons of the year or of life.

I have no recollection of how this book came to me. But for many months I have read one of his prayers each morning, often finding they speak so directly to my own heart and state of faith or failing.

You can find a copy on Amazon. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I think you may find as I do rich food and provocation for your own soul.

My Journal Jottings

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The pods are falling

The pods are falling! the pods are falling!


From our back porch I hear them,
pecan pods discarded
from high above,
in tiny explosions
popping on the cushions,
clanging on the metal chairs,
plopping on the grass.
Chicken Little would be dismayed.
As for me, I hope none will hit me on the head,
but otherwise these are happy sounds,
signaling that
the heavy heat of summer
is on the way out,
that fresh opportunities of fall
are on the way in.



They lead me into a singing prayer:

Summer and winter,
springtime and harvest
sun moon and stars
in their courses above.
join with all nature
in manifold witness
to Thy great faithfulness,
mercy and love.


I lift my coffee cup to the Lord, sying

“Thanks for pouring out the heaviness,
for pouring in the freshness.”
Leighton Ford
August 30, 2018

A Whole Life

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This morning I picked up an old copy A Testament of Devotion by the Quaker philosopher and spiritual guide Thomas Kelly .

On the flyleaf I noted that my mother gave it to me on my birthday, October 22nd 1958! 60 years ago … as I was early in our ministry.

In his opening biographical introduction Douglas Steere wrote of Kelly:

“An adequate life might be described as a life which has grasped intuitively the whole nature of things, and has seen and felt and refocused itself to this whole. An inadequate life is one that lacks this adjustment to the whole nature of things – hence its twisted perspective. its partiality its confusion. The story of Thomas Kelly’s life is the story of a passionate and determined quest for adequacy.”

What a challenge to me again, to live the whole of  life – mind, soul, body, spirit – wholly available to the Spirit of Christ.

My Journal Jottings

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I used to sit on the back porch on Thursday mornings with Irv and Jonathan and Nick. We would talk and pray together. Irv is in heaven now, Jonathan’s in Mexico, and NIck comes at other times.


I do have other friends though who still join me. Redbird. Mr. Squirrel and his playmate. Chipmunk who chews with his fast teeth. And sometimes Brer Rabbit passes through. So I do have feathered and furry friends.


I’m telling the Lord this of course.