The Point Group’s Stephen Abbott

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The Rev. Dr. Stephen Abbott has seen his life and ministry influenced for the good as a result of his twenty-five year membership in Leighton Ford Ministries’ Point Group.

From his home in Australia, Stephen’s ministry has been influential in evangelism and helping Christians leverage “God-talk” to invite others to follow Jesus. At the most recent meeting of the Point Group, Stephen shared this with Leighton.


Stephen Abbott – The Point Group from Leighton Ford Ministries on Vimeo.

The Preacher, The Protestor, The President (Video)

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Stories get our hearts to their true home faster than almost anything else.

From time to time Leighton will share some of his favorite stories from his remarkable life and ministry of seeing people come home to God.

Some of the stories will feature the famous, others tell the tales of people you have never heard of. All are warm, personal, and remind us of the God who speaks to us today and who desires to see our stories link with His Story – and for that Story to be told and lived every day.

This story is from many years ago, but is incredibly relevant for this very day.


The Preacher, The Protester, and The President from Leighton Ford Ministries on Vimeo.