Places of the Heart is Leighton Ford’s latest four-color book and features the author’s imaginative watercolor paintings, poetry, and reflections on a life formed, redeemed, empowered, and directed by God and for God’s glory.

This fully illustrated book brings to light Dr. Ford as an accomplished watercolor painter of landscapes highlighting his life journey and the many locations he and his wife, Jeanie, visited as global ambassadors of Jesus Christ and the good news message of redemption. The joy of leading others to Christ by telling the story of how God has impacted his life and comes through clearly in Leighton’s work of deep artistic expression and beauty. The accompanying reflections to each watercolor are full of insight and gratitude for God’s care and grace. Places of the Heart also reveals Leighton Ford to be an attentive poet. His poems invite readers to join him and give thanks as he explores God’s creation, significant life-defining moments, and God’s presence in everyday life.

In the introduction to Places of the Heart, Ford writes, “In this book I am thinking of places not in terms of their geographic location, but in the geography of the heart…what the Greeks called ‘kairos’ times that have shaped by life. I consider them as ‘thin places’…where the curtain between heaven and earth seems for a while to part.”

Places of the Heart serves as Leighton Ford’s visual spiritual memoir. Through this stunning four-color book he offers himself to fellow sojourners walking with Jesus Christ—“the Way, the Truth, and the Life”—as an attentive companion and faithful guide.

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